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Zendaya is Tripping on These Memes of Herself Falling Over in Rome

Zendaya happened to (almost) fall while trying to enter a house and the resulting memes have all been Twitter tripping. As we all know, Zendaya and Tom Holland, your partner and co-worker from Spiderman: No Home, at the moment and have never done anything to go away lately. Zendaya’s fall was not a fall from grace at all, as the actress herself shared memes on her Instagram stories saying she could not stop laughing at them. According to News E, the silent incident took place in Rome. Zendaya slipped away as he was quickly picked up by the guards. The memes in Zendaya are good by your own collection. Check them out here.

Before this event hit Twitter, there were other Zendaya memes doing rounds on social media. Zendaya’s life is and we just live in it. As such, it is appropriate for Madame Tussauds London to showcase the actress’ waxing game, which has given the humongous lover the following that she currently enjoys. But, as is customary with wax games, the game seems to be overpowering, yet somehow managed to give an eerie vibe to many Twitter users. You have to love some of Zendaya’s adventures in this day and age (and all Euphoria talk), but the game is not going to plan. Zendaya’s game was played according to the measurements he took during the 2015 session with the players according to a report by the Daily Mail, but many fans took to Twitter to say that his game looked a lot smaller and so-so, Kylie Jenner.

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