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We have all heard of amphibian cars being normally able to travel land and waterways. But the beautiful wheel we are showing you today is something different. However, it works the same way but with a few more applications than others.

This car, branded as the Z-Triton, is a bicycle, which operates both as a Sport Car (RV) and a boat. This car was made by a Latvian star named Zeltini. They have taken the idea of ​​making RVs and progressing with their touch.

As for cars, it looks like a trike meant to take you through land and water with the same ease. Also, it has enough room to give the user a sleeping space. You can ride or sleep two people at max.

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Coming to the power source, it is powered by electricity powered by a Li-ion battery pack. The battery can be charged through integrated solar roof panels giving a maximum of 50 km on land and 20 km water. It also allows the user to move on the ground by flexing in conjunction with the internal gear port.

According to industry rights, switching from a bike to a boat requires you to carry a few parts. All that is needed is for the user to lift the bicycles, lift and attach the brakes, and lower the electric boat from the cabin. The whole process of converting a ship into a ship, according to Zeltini, takes less than five minutes.

In addition, it also provides the user with features such as cooling and tent heating, kitchen table top, and interior features such as sound system with Bluetooth connection, GPS, USB charging, among other things. It can all be supplemented with a plant pot for your favorite plant.

Z-Triton is on sale in the European market, with the company’s plans for sale internationally. This multifunctional car is priced at $ 16,422.

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