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Trilogy Dark Knight is considered the best Batman movie of all time and everyone who has ever seen it knows how important Tumbler is to Christen Bale’s Batman. It is no secret to any DC fan the fact that Batman’s Batmobile is the most valuable weapon when it comes to fighting crime.

At Hanoi University of Architecture, Nguyen Dac Chung has developed a Batmobile that exceeds the baseline of Tumbler. The brand is completely electric, which allows anyone to buy one, because the designer can create one for you if you want.

Just 600 kg, the electric Tumbler weighs almost four times that of the original 2268 kg Batmobile. It retains the original tubular metal frame from the Batmobile film, but uses ABS plastic, carbon fiber, and composite panels to replace heavy metal parts.

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In terms of its dimensions, the replica has a total length of 3,700mm, a width of 2,400mm, and a height of 1,300mm according to available information. The car has 13-inch rims equipped with 22-inch tires on the front, and a set of 18-inch rims with large 33-inch tires on the back.

The model also includes a fake exhaust, various exhaust manifolds, and some modifications to the aero components, but apart from that it appears to be a very close-up copy of the original.

Inside the replica is a cockpit that can fit a driver and a passenger. This car has two hydraulic doors that can operate remotely, as well as 4 cameras for a full 360 degree view, especially useful when navigating around sharp angles.

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