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Women from Besieged City Say Russian Soldiers are Wooing Them on Tinder

Tinder profiles appear to belong to Russian troops, a woman from Ukraine said.

As the Russia-Ukraine crisis intensified, profiles with the names Andrei, Alexander, Gregory, Michail and Black appeared on Tinder featuring portraits of men appearing in beret and even with a gun.

  • Last Updated:March 25, 2022, 10:31 IS

Russia has declared war on Ukraine, but few expected an invasion in the Tinder dating app. According to a report in The Sun, Ukrainian women are seeing a stream of profiles of men in uniform in Tinder. This was observed in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, 20 miles from the center of the Russian offensive. Profiles with the names Andrei, Alexander, Gregory, Michail and Black carry it out with portraits of men appearing in beret and even with a gun. Dasha Synelnikova, a video producer from Ukraine, told the Sun that although she lives in Kyiv, she changed her position to Kharkiv after a friend told her about the presence of Russian troops on Tinder. He said it was laughable and terrifying to see an enemy group approaching.

However, his curiosity improved and he exchanged messages with 31-year-old Andrei who appeared with his Kalashnikov rifle in full combat gear and helmet. When asked about his work, Andrei said that an engineer had traveled to Kharkiv several times. When Dasha asked her if she was a Russian soldier, she answered with a Jim Carrey gif meant to say ‘oops’. Among the other profiles was a man appearing on the bed with a gun, another wearing a tight blue-and-white vest and one cuddling a kitten.

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict intensifies, India is trying its best to keep the Indians out of the besieged country. A team from the Indian embassy in Hungary has been sent to the Zohanyi border region to provide assistance to facilitate the departure of Indians from Ukraine. The Indian Foreign Ministry in Hungary says it is working with the Hungarian government to provide all possible assistance to facilitate the entry of Indians from Ukraine. As Ukraine closes its airport for civilian aircraft following the Russian attack, India is watching the evacuation of its nationals from Ukraine by land routes. Hungary shares a border with Ukraine.

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