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Woman Sings National Anthem Tearfully While Cleaning Bombed Home in Kyiv

Garbage and debris were found near an apartment building damaged by a recent shell in Kyiv. (Photo: Reuters; Inset: Screengrab from Twitter via TRT World)

It has been reported that the residence of a Ukrainian woman was damaged in a Russian gun attack.

  • Last Updated:June 28, 2022, 08:02 IS

As Ukraine is ravaged by the Russian invasion, social media is full of photos and videos of incredible courage and frustration among civilians and the military. As the country plays, many videos show Ukrainians finding comfort in their national anthem. One such video shows a Ukrainian woman holding up a glass from her bombed-out house in Kyiv while singing the national anthem with tears in her eyes. According to an NDTV report, the video was taken after a gun attack damaged his living home. A similar video shared by a Ukrainian government official also shows the national anthem being played on the trumpet in Kyiv, according to Olexander Scherba on Twitter. “One of the two Kyiv wards is waiting for the attacks. Suddenly, someone sang Ukrainian hymns on a trumpet. And from everywhere: “Glory to Ukraine!” He wrote in the tweet.

In another video he is making rounds on social media is Ukrainian journalist Olga Malchevska who works for the BBC. Malchevska was spotted tearing down a television screen while watching a photograph of a house made by Russian warplanes. A video shared by the BBC’s Karin Giannione on Twitter shows him discussing developments in Ukraine with Malchevska. In the video, Malchevska discusses developments in Kyiv when he tells Giannione that he just received a message from his mother.

Speaking of his mother, Malchevska told a fellow reporter, “She is taking refuge, she is hiding in the basement. And luckily no one in our house was bombed at night. Malchevska then revealed that he could not realize that pictures of the bomb in the residential area were exactly where he lived.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has raised concerns in the Middle East over the deployment of Russian troops on Sunday, while Ukraine’s president has agreed to hold talks with Moscow over Putin’s troops and tanks. deep into the country, closing around the capital.

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