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Woman Left in Tears after Discovering her Brother’s Name at National War Memorial

For Shagun Sambyal, while on an unannounced visit to the National War Memorial in Delhi. However, as soon as she saw her brother’s name written on one of the writing pens, she was moved to tears. The heart-warming moment was captured in a video of Shagun’s car being shared on his later Instagram page. In the video, Shagun can be seen looking at Captain KD Sambyal’s brother’s name on a monument.

Further in the video, the woman’s husband pulls the camera towards the monument displaying his brother’s name in gold letters. Unexpectedly meeting his brother’s name at the memorial, Shagun was found to have failed to hold back his tears as he constantly looked at the monument.

Describing the incident, Shagun’s husband also wrote a notebook next to the video. In a statement, he explained, “Today we planned a random trip to Delhi and after touring Connaught Place, I told my wife to visit the National War Memorial.”

He further stated that as they approached the Kargil War Martyrs section, he printed some pictures of monuments bearing the name Capt. Vikram Batra and Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia. Following this, he recalled that his wife should find a monument to Captain Vijayant Thapar of MVC. As they searched, Shagun stumbled upon his brother’s name among the monuments and could no longer take his pleasure. “Look at the name bhaiya,” Shagun told her husband.

He also wrote that Shagun did not understand about his brother’s monument there and that his family did not know about it. “It was shocking and emotional at the same time,” he added. In particular, Captain KD Sambyal hailed from the Samba region of Jammu and Kashmir and was part of the 193 Field Regiment of the Indian Army.

The emotional video recently went viral and garnered more than 10 lakh favorites on Instagram. Meanwhile, users in the comments section were left misty-eyed and paid homage to Shagun’s fallen brother and all brave souls. “Greetings to all the soldiers in the army,” wrote one user. “Greet all the soldiers who are sacrificing for our nation,” wrote another.

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