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Disadvantages of Windows 11

Window 11 Features: Windows a well-known or the only known brand at a time is back with its new product. Windows 11. To be honest I didn’t expect something from Windows 11. In this era where open source is becoming more popular and user-friendly, Windows has made it pretty clear that it will not be left in the race. With its brand new Windows 12, it has made vast changes.

From its functionality to the user interface, everything is changed. Well, change in terms of user experience. The looks of the new Windows 11 are pretty good, but we can’t only purchase an item based on how it looks. So, let us review some of its main features and changes that Microsoft has incorporated in its latest release of Windows 11.

Brand New Look of Window 11 Features

Look that was unexpected from Microsoft. I can only say “WooW” which was not at all expected by me. It’s a great job done. The looks give a rich feel and amazing user experience and the colors are pretty much everything that I liked.

Gaming on Window 11

 You must have heard about GPU’s and there’s something that is helping Windows 11 to be a Gaming OS also. Other than Xbox and features, The need for GPU is helping gamers with the seamless performance of Gaming and making it an adaptable OS.

Window 11 Features with Android

Window 11 Features

Well, this seems to be possible in every windows version then what is new in it? Well, there’s something new. Earlier it was possible to use any other emulator like Bluestacks, but this time you can directly install and run Android apps on windows 11 without the need of any external or 3rd party emulator.
This is another huge feature of windows 11 that is making its adoption in teens and gamers.

One-Click Away advantages

Most of the essential items are just a click away now. Things like teams and other items are available on the desktop and having a video conferencing app backed on an Operating system was something that everyone was looking for and also, as there is no Skype (the one and first peer to peer video calling application) people were little disappointed but Teams, this can be something that can make up to it.

Icon Updations

I bet you must have done something related to the icon like changing its icon to butterfly or internet explorer, but, this time Windows is back with a major upgrade I Icons, you can customize every icon. And this is something that most of the peoples are looking forward to.

Glassy Look 

Unlike Any other windows version, the windows option menu is transparent, and along with the menu items, you can see background items.

Widgets on Windows 11

Personally and Professionally speaking windows 7 was the only hit after Windows XP, and one thing that I loved in it was widgets. And, it is back in Windows 11. This is another advantage.

Disadvantages of Windows 11 

Disadvantages of Windows 11 

Well, even a person that you like the most has disadvantages and so does windows 11 have. We cannot say that these all are major disadvantages but they somewhat fit in the disadvantages category list.
So here comes our first disadvantage –

Less/Small Taskbar Width

From what we have seen it can have an amazing look, but from the point of usage, it’s a bit of a downgrade. As the larger taskbar helped a lot to manage the tasks simultaneously. Also, from what I have seen the main aim was to create a centric taskbar which can have been also achieved by just making the taskbar items centric and not reducing the size.

No Cortana on windows 11

While there were so many questions on Cortana use and its accessibility, Most people have become familiar with its use and did lied a voice assistant on laptops and desktops. But this time BY BYE Cortana. Unlike Windows 10, it is not backed by Microsoft in Windows 11. Although, it can be installed and downloaded from its official source.

Monitoring Activity?

This does seem a bit off to me. We are nowadays more concerned about our privacy rather than getting into things that can invade our privacy and I think Microsoft knowing is another bad thing. But it is just my point of view.

Need Of Modern Hardware 

Microsoft has stated that to run an advanced system, you will have to upgrade the hardware. Unlike Unix and Linux, you will have a minimum hardware requirement is installing Windows 11. At least the AMD ZEN2 processor and intel’s i7 processor are required to run Windows 11.


Well, to use an accelerated desktop, you will need a GPU compatible with Direct X12 at least.

Bye, Bye Refresh 

There’s no refresh. What the fudge? How will people make their windows faster? Well, the above line was only a joke. There’s no point in refresh making windows faster. But it was still a good option to reflect the changes. Although the changes will be reflected instantly its internal reflection but, in case if it fails? Refresh was a good option.

Conclusion –

Based on the release of Windows 11, I can pretty much say that the new operating systems that were trying to replace windows have been lost. All their efforts have been in vain now. But, people still think that Microsoft could have done much better than Windows 11.
But, as it is said, to start major changes, you will have to start from somewhere. And windows 11, can be this start for Microsoft.
And, even I am right now amazed to see Windows 11. Where I was totally into Unix and Linux I can think that I can be shifting towards Windows. Even right now, this blog is being written on Unix operating system.
Every system has its advantages and disadvantages but I hope that these don’t affect the user experience like Windows did in its first release of Windows 8.

Good Bye Note Before We Go 

All the information provided above is for the sole purpose of spreading knowledge and does not spreads and hate towards any brands or their subsidiary products. The facts and information provided above are based on personal user experience and from the internet.

We promote to spread positivity and the best information that one could find at one place on this vast internet.
Till then goodbye and I will meet you in the next article with something interesting and informational. And, don’t forget to share this piece of information with your friends and family.

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