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NEW DELHI: The government on Tuesday said the wholesale price of tur dal fell by about 3 per cent a year ago on the back of measures it took to boost housing supply and stabilization rates.

“The government has taken several precautionary and precautionary measures to increase housing availability and stabilize prices of essential food products. It is because of these measures that tur / arhar dal prices reported a sharp decline,” an official said. .

According to data from the Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA), the average wholesale price of tur dal on February 22, 2022 was Rs 9,255.88 per quintal as compared to Rs 9,529.79 per quintal on the same day a year ago, indicating a reduction of 2.87 percent.

Similarly, the average price of tur dal on February 21, 2022 was Rs 9,252.17 per quintali as opposed to Rs 9,580.17 per quintali on the same day a year ago, registering a fall of 3.42 per cent.

In May 2021, the Company said that proposals were being presented to the states / UT to monitor the prices of essential food products and to ensure the elimination of pulses stocks held by mills, importers and traders under the Special Products Act, 1955.

The notice of the end of the market on all veins except the moon was announced on July 2, 2021.

“Then, the revised order was issued on July 19, 2021 placing the product ends on four pulses, namely, tur, urad, masur, chana for a period of time until October 31, 2021, ”The statement said.

To improve the availability and stability of the arteries, the government has allowed imports of tur, urad and moon under the ‘free sector’ with effect from May 15, 2021 until October 31, 2021 to ensure imports smooth and smooth.

The free process in the hands of tur and urad imports has expanded until March 31, 2022.

This process is supported with flexible methods and proximity monitoring of its implementation by relevant departments / organizations.

“Imports have led to a significant increase in imports of tur, urad and moon as compared to the corresponding period of the past two years,” he added.

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