Who is Father Of Artificial Intelligence

Day by day we see something new around us. Something that makes our lives easier and simpler. What are these? Well, we coined the term technology for these things. But wait, that is not all. We have something far from technology. Which is Artificial Technology.

You see robots working around. How is that even possible? With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
When we have moved so forward in the field of technology, what about the person who introduced us to AI? Who was he? Is he someone who is still unknown?

John McCarthy Father of Artificial intelligence

John McCarthy Father of Artificial intelligence

He studied at Stanford Computer science. He has received many awards in the field of computer sciences.

John McCarthy was born on 1927, the 4th of September in Boston Massachusetts, United States.

He was a self-taught student working as a fisherman and a carpenter but, with his obsession with learning and his great mind in mathematics, when he entered college, where he was allowed to take the course without taking the first two courses.
The word: “Artificial Intelligence” was first tossed by John in 1956 at the mythic Dartmouth conference.

John explained that speed and memory are expensive which can be overcome but, the lack of intelligence in the machines is one of the main problems. And for many of his problems, he created the programming language “LISP”

The second oldest high-level programming language after Fortran. It became popular and soon became the favorite language of Hackers.

He has dominated the AI field for more than 5 decades and in the year 2011 October, he left AI and the world.


Turing Award – 1971

The award is awarded for outstanding contributions in computer science.

Computer Pioneer Award – 1985

Awarded for Outstanding Contributions to the concepts and development of the computer field.

IJCAI Award for Research Excellence – 1985

it is a biannual award given to the researcher in artificial intelligence for their excellent recognition of their career.

Kyoto Prize – 1988

Japan’s private highest reward for lifetime achievement in science.

National Medal of Science – 1990

It is awarded for its outstanding contribution in different fields of science.

Benjamin Franklin Medal – 2003

One medal for all the medals that were given by the Franklin institution recognizing the popular areas of science. Which are – Computer science, chemistry, physics cognitive science, environment and science, life science, electrical science, and mechanical engineering.

Other than his major contribution towards AI, he created circumscription logic, LISP programming language, and Situation Calculus.

In the era, where having a personal computer was just a fictional thing, he purposed that there could be a super central computer from which many can connect at once and use it. This is what became the model for the Internet.
“To succeed, artificial intelligence needs 1.7 Einsteins, two Maxwells five Faradays and the funding of 0.3 Manhattan Projects,”

What is AI?

What is AI
A simple definition of AI can be Training and Building machines that are capable of performing tasks that require human interaction.

Researches in AI

Researches in AI have gone so far that now we work along with robots. And soon the day isn’t so far when we will be making robots that can do everything by themselves without human interaction.
One of the best examples of this can be from “Robot” Hindi movie. Where the character robot – Chitti self replicates himself by creating another Robo of himself and then training the new robot to create its children.

It can be simply specified as a self-creating binary tree. Where the Robot Chitti can be considered as a parent robot after which he produces another 2 robots which will be level one Robot children.
And those two-level children will create 2 more robots summing the total robots to 7(including the parent robot).
Some of the best Researches in AI that are known:

Self Driving Cars: One of the best examples is TESLA Cars.
Smart Assistants: Like google assistant, Alexa, Siri which responds to your voice whenever you want and whatever you want.

Social media Monitors: These can be the tools that are trained to do something for example if I am a YouTuber and I want to collect the information of every people that comments on something good on my video and then send him/ her the rewards.

Disease Mappers: With the symptoms and the medical help of training the model, one can easily detect dangerous diseases like cancer in early-stage and can treat them when it is still in its baby phase.


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