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What Goes On in Our Minds Just Before We Die? This Study Has Some Answers

What happens when we die? This question is not yet fully understood. However, a study has emerged from the University of Louisville, where a team of researchers may have been close to finding out what actually happened to a person when they died. There are many sciences associated with the last activities that the human body goes through before it finally becomes immortal, but none of them have been scientifically analyzed until Dr. Ajmal Zemmar and others his colleague studied the human brain a few moments before his death. According to them, the human brain remains active, coordinates, and detects changes through neural oscillations.

A study published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience examined the brain function of an 87 patient who had developed epilepsy. During his treatment, Dr. Raul Vicente, University of Tartu, Estonia, used electroencephalography (EEG) to detect brain activity and seizures.

While the EEG is connected to your brain, the octogenarian dies of a heart attack. This unexpected event led to many discoveries about the human brain moments before death. “We measured 900 seconds of brain activity around the time of death and set a specific focus to assess 30 seconds before and after one stopped beating,” Zemmar said.

Researchers note a significant change in the group of neural oscillations, which play a role in many cognitive functions, including memory recovery. Zemmar speculated that the right person before his death could be playing a remake of all memories and flash life in front of the eyes.


Zemmar said the findings could be viewed through three different lenses – scientific, metaphysical, and spiritual. While scientifically, it is difficult to interpret the data as long as the brain has suffered strokes and bleeding, in moderation, the brain function properly before the mirrors reflect the patterns of the brain when dreaming. or remembering a memory. Zemmar adds, “He opened the question of interest to me when he explained death.”

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