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Wedding Guests in Suits and Dresses Take Part in Ugly Street Brawl in Australia

A wedding ceremony in the upper part of Sydney was not bad when dozens of guests engaged in a dirty fight on the road while fully dressed for the event. The embarrassing incident was filmed in a video which was then posted on Reddit. “Mosman had a big fight last night,” the video read.

The 35-second clip shows men and women in full-length dresses and costumes fighting in the streets. At the beginning of the video, a man is seen kicking a girl on the floor and starting to fight. As the camera moves to the side, one of the men can be seen lying unconscious on the road while his friends seem to be checking on him.

Meanwhile, we can also see a man without a shirt in the video coming from the back of another man managing his friend. The brawl that occupies an important part of the road also appears to have affected traffic in the area. In fact, we also saw a man trying to stop a car crash caused by pedestrians.

According to a report by, the event took place at The Spit in Mosman, which is a wealthy Sydney suburb. In response to reports of the attack, police were called to the scene around 11:45 p.m., a NSW police spokesman told

The spokesman said that when police arrived, most of the victims had left the scene. “Those who died were not slow to complain,” he added. He also explained that the police inquired into the matter and spoke with a 26-year-old man involved in the fight. The man told police his nose was damaged and he suffered injuries to his face and bones as he was beaten unconscious in the fight.

Reportedly, further investigations by the police are ongoing, and “questions continue to identify those involved,” he added.

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