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A SpiceJet pilot is capturing one of the netizens for his campaign on evacuating Indians. SpiceJet is meant to bring Indians back from Budapest to New Delhi.

The video was shared on the social media platform SpiceJet, where a pilot can be seen hitting a plane full of passengers. Speaking to passengers, the pilot said, “We are very happy to see all of you safe and sound and proud of each of you for your courage and determination. You overcome uncertainty, hardship, fear and “She’s done. She’s safe here. Now it’s time to return to our homeland.”

Later, the pilot went ahead and described the details of the aircraft mentioning the lengths and stops that the aircraft would take. The pilot’s announcement ended with the proud ‘Jai Hind’ capturing the greetings and cheers of the passengers.

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SpiceJet was the first aircraft to travel to evacuate Indians under ‘Operation Ganga’. More planes are available to repatriate Indians from neighboring countries such as Romania and Slovakia.

‘Operation Ganga’ has been launched by the European Union to repatriate detained students and Indians from conflict-torn Ukraine. As part of Operation Ganga, Air India and other airlines are flying special aircraft.

India has released 8,000 nationals, according to the Ministry of External Affairs, since the country’s first proposals were published.

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