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The first flight was a crowded place. You must have seen, especially in the movies, the front end of the plane with the windshield wipers and loads of keys to control the plane. Recently, a video went viral on social media showing a child fulfilling his dream of being in a cock crow.

In the hostile video, a two-year-old can walk towards the cock crowing. Later, the pilot helped the little boy. In addition, picking one of the netizens, the kind driver put his hat on the little boy while he sat on his seat.

Breaking people’s hearts, we can see the pilot explaining the mission of the plane to the little boy. The joy of living her dream can be seen on the little boy’s face in the video, with the beautiful charm of the baby boy.

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The video ends with the cute “Sound” coming from a little boy looking around the cock. The video says the 2-year-old is in the air about the plane. In addition, the title of the video says, “I see the pilot of the future … his sweet reactions” wowwww “what a kind pilot … just taking a moment to pity can make a difference in life somebody!”

Encouraged by the cute little boy’s looks, one of the users commented, “Wow. What a special gift a wonderful tracker has given this sweet little boy. This is something you will always remember. My heart bursting with love. “

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