Virat Kohli 100th Test: Sachin Tendulkar credits former captain for ‘motivating whole generation’ | Cricket News

Tendular Batting Sachin legend on Wednesday (March 2) paid tribute to batter star Virat Kohli before his 100th test, saying that apart from his “terrific” success on the field, his real success has been a force to be reckoned with for all generations. cricketers. Kohli, a former musician, is set to test his 100th landscape when India play Sri Lanka in the first match of a two-game series at Mohali starting on Friday (March 4th).

“What a great achievement. I remember the first time I heard about it when we were in Australia in 2007-08, “Tendulkar told BCCI.Tv, recalling when Kohli was first spotted in an Indian dressing room.” WC is in Malaysia and there are some actors in the group they are discussing, this is an actor to watch out for, acchi batting kar leta hai.

“After that we played cricket together for India not for long but any time we spent together, obviously he was interested in learning things. He continues to work on his game he continues to improve. ”

Considered one of the biggest batter of all time, Kohli, 33, has won 7962 games with 27 points and 28 rebounds in 99 Tests averaging 50.39. He is also a white football batter, having won 12,311 games with 43 years in 260 ODIs and 3,296 runs in 97 T20s.

“It was amazing to see you years ago. The numbers will have their effects and yet his real potential is able to inspire the whole generation, ”said Tendulkar, 48, who himself has performed 200 tests for India. “That is his real strength and his great contribution to Indian cricket. That is what I would say in your real success. I wish you many years of cricketing more fun, out and do well. ”

One of the best cricketers in the world, Kohli has won a lot of support with his fitness regime. “To understand things quickly is in your power and you continue that way. In 2011, we were in Canberra, and I remember there was a Thai restaurant there and we used to go there, for food and walk back to the hotel. After a meal on our way back to the hotel he said, Paaji bahot ho gaya, fitness that dhyan dena hai (we need to focus on fitness). I have to say you never left a stone unturned in terms of fitness, and the numbers are there for everyone to see. That particular evening I remember, he said that and he succeeded in his career. ”

Kohli’s 100th Test will be open to viewers with BCCI allowing people at 50 percent stadium capacity.

(with PTI inputs)

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