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An official statement on March 27 read that the Department of Transport and Highways has allowed unmanned aerial vehicles and trailers to accommodate up to three decks to accommodate two-wheelers, including a non-functional cargo body. arrangement on the driving tent.

This will increase the transfer capacity by 40-50 percent, according to the report. “The Ministry of Transport and Highways has issued a notice on March 25, 2022, to amend Article 93 of the Motor Vehicle Laws 1989, which allows cars and trailers to have a maximum of three decks from carry two-wheelers, with the body load not projected onto the driving cab, ”he said.

In a separate notification, the Ministry of Transport and Highways on February 27 ordered that commercial vehicles should comply with minimum requirements as stated in Standard Automotive Industry-163: 2020, until of the relevant BIS details will be reported under the Bureau of Standards of India. , 2016. This will facilitate manufacturing, certification testing, and registration of commercial vans as essential purpose vehicles.

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“The Automotive and Highway Industry has issued a notice on February 23, 2022, regarding which Cash Vans will meet the minimum requirements as stated in Standard Industry Automotive Industry-163: 2020 , as amended from time to time, until the relevant BIS details are notified under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 (11 of 2016) This will facilitate the production, test approval, and registration of Cash Vans as specifically why the vehicles, “said the minister in a release.

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