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Van Gogh Masterpiece ‘Champs Près Des Alpilles’ Comes to Auction for the First Time

Christie’s hopes to impress during “Coming 20th Night Sale” by presenting Vincent van Gogh’s “Champs près des Alpilles” as a sales show. This oil painting has been kept secret since it was created in 1889. “Champs près des Alpilles” is one of two images sent by Van Gogh to his friend Joseph Roulin, while he was in a shelter in Saint- Rémy-de-Provence. The Dutch photographer was admitted to the school at his request after cutting off his ear during a delirium fight in Arles in December 1888. At this school, Van Gogh performed works that showed his inner turmoil, and “Champs près des Alpilles” is no exception. This picture shows a wide view of the glossy green wheat field, where the trees are shaped by the peaks of the Alpilles.

For Christie’s, this painting incorporates all the artistic elements of Van Gogh’s body. “During his stay in Saint-Rémy, Van Gogh’s growing culture really did emerge. It transforms the world around you into ever-increasing glossy views with animated brushstrokes, both of which serve to imbue these canvases with a powerful – and very popular – defining effect. At the moment, painting and nature itself are very important to the artist, ”the store said.

“Champs près des Alpilles” will go under the drop in May at Christie’s, on the occasion of New York’s “20th Century evening sale.” It could sell for more than $ 45 million, although this is a far cry from the $ 82.5 million record valuation held by Christie’s “Portrait du Dr. Gachet” in 1990.

However, the final can be seen in the famous view of this Van Gogh painting. It is always in private hands and has never been in a public display. According to Artnews, the painting was momentarily owned by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé, until the couple sold it to a private European collector around 2003. It has since changed ownership once before was for sale at Christie’s.

“Taken during the artist’s holiday in a shelter in Saint-Rémy, and then owned by his friend Joseph Roulin, whose portrait of himself by Vincent is now in museums all over the world, ‘Champs près des Alpilles’ is a unique link to Vincent’s own. evolution. Century ”.

Before going under the hammer, “Champs près des Alpilles” will be on display in London, Taipei, Hong Kong and New York.

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