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US Woman Finds Old Love Letters Hidden in New House, What Happens Next is Unexpected

A secret passage in a Virginia house reveals a heart warming story. Anna Prillaman buys a new home but does not know it comes with a hidden mystery. While busy spring in the basement of her home in Richmond, Anna found a plot that led to the hidden part of her attic, WTVR-TV reported. The hidden part does not need a key, instead it is held with a simple latch. Anna enters the secret room, and discovers two boxes full of hundreds of handwritten letters sent to a young woman named Betty Sue from a young man, calling her Vance.

“There are no SMHs or OMGs or LOLs. There are full sentences, correct sentences in grammar. Doesn’t that sound like that, ”Anna was quoted as saying. From the letters she read, Anna noticed that Vance had hit Betty, and that the two met at John Marshall High School.

One of the letters in the boxes read, “Hi Honey. How is my Son getting along? When we are not together I know the right words that I will use in telling you everything. But when we are together, all I can think about is ‘I love you.’ ”

Anna notes that the letters, written in pencil, are 70 years old, and obviously part of a love story. At first, he thought that reading the letters was a threat to Vance and Betty’s privacy, but he could not get rid of them. So, she turned to social media to try and find a relative to get past them.

Well, where there is love, there is a way. Within a few days, he had the lead, followed by Dalton Long who lived 3,000 miles away from Portland, Oregon. The 30-year-old confirmed that Vance and Betty finally exchanged vows and got married. Wondering how Dalton Long would know about their love story? You know because Vance and Betty are nobody but her grandparents. They had been married for 50 years before their death.

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