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US Mom Rewards Son Rs 1.35 Lakh For Staying off Social Media for 6 Years

Sivert recently became rich by $ 1800 at just 18 years old. Sivert’s mother kept her promise when she was 18. (Photo courtesy, Credits: Reuters)

US mom donates money to 12-year-old in exchange for being off social media for 6 years and guess what! It actually works.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives now and most of us can’t wait to just finish our day job and log into our profiles from the comfort corners of our beds. Try to tell your kids to stay away from social media and they will probably get angry. But a mother from Minnesota in the US had a wise return to that problem. She gave her 12-year-old son money in exchange for moving out of social media for six years and guess what! It actually works.

Six years ago, Lorna Goldstrand Klefsaas challenged her son Sivert not to be on social media and offered $ 1800 (roughly Rs 1.35 lakh today) if she could face the challenge. And he faced the challenge, he did. Now Sivert has just become rich by $ 1800 in just 18 years. Sivert’s mother kept her promise when she was 18 years old on Sunday, March 20, adding that she could now have profiles on several networks, including Snapchat and Twitter. Although many said that the money was not enough, they were impressed that the boy decided to follow his mother’s advice. Lorna let the world know about her abusive contract with her son through a social media post.

In an interview with Minneapolis NBC affiliate KARE 11, Sivert said he was 12 years old, had little idea of ​​money at the time but still accepted his mother’s contract. He said he had dreams of buying a car but also stuck to the deal knowing that the price would not be enough for a four-wheeler.

Lorna described the phrase “18 for challenge 18” for the business after hearing a story on the radio about a mother who did the same thing until her son was 16. Lorna came up with the challenge after watching her eldest daughter war with the effects of social media on her life throughout her teenage years, according to KARE 11. She does not want her child to go through the same.

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