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UP Girl Sets Record by Climbing Up and Down Gujarat’s Mount Girnar in 32 Minutes

The 14th All India Girnar Ascending and Descending competition is set for Sunday after being suspended for the past two years in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. A total of 449 athletes from 11 states across the country participated in the competition. It is organized in four categories of older brothers and sisters in which Tapsi Singh from Uttar Pradesh and Parmar Lala from Gujarat’s Junagadh is the winner in the senior category. Ritu Sindhuraj from Haryana and Deepak Dhabhi from Gujarat stand first in the Junior Department. Several records were set in the course of the competition. In the senior category, a young player from Junagadh secured first place and set the record by covering distance in 55.30 minutes. In the women’s category, UP’s Mirzapur girl stood first, setting the record after scoring 32.22 minutes. All the winners were honored with cash prizes and award prizes.

Also, Lala Parmar, from the senior department, has set a new record of 5500 steps in 55.30 minutes which is less than the previous record of 55.31 minutes. Lala Parmar, an employee, stood first in the competition and came from a non-financial background. You have broken this hard-working record in just 17 days.

Similarly, Taapsi Singh, a resident of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, set a new record by completing 2200 steps in just 32.22 minutes, breaking his previous record of 34 minutes. His family is proud of the success of their daughter who studied at UP . People from Junagadh are equally excited about the release of new records in this tough competition.

A total of 360 participants participated in this competition organized by Yuva seva Sanskrutik Vibhag and the local administration of Junagadh. There are 142 registrations from Gujarat, 72 from Bihar, 23 from Maharashtra, 64 from Diu, 41 from Haryana and a total of 449 registrations. The runners-up achieved their place in the record time in Taapsi Singh in 32.15 minutes, Parmar Lala in 55.30 minutes, Sindhu Rituraj in 38.47 minutes and Deepak Dabhi in 1.19 minutes.

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