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Everest saw a flurry of recordings on Thursday with the most meetings for a woman and the first Black group – and a mountain of Ukraine reached the top of the world for its war-torn country. Nepal rider Lhakpa Sherpa, 48, arrived at the ice rink for the 10th time, breaking his record set in 2018. “Lhakpa stopped at Mount Everest at 6:15 this morning. This has become the 10th climb,” Mingma said. Gelu Sherpa Adventure Summit Seven, the agency that manages your trip, told AFP from Everest base camp.

Record Sherpa, who worked at All Foods in Connecticut for the rest of the year, first measured the world’s highest peak in 2001.

“My climb was not for the record. Most of the youngsters followed in my footsteps. They climbed the mountains that followed me. Therefore, I want the youngsters to continue and not give up,” Sherpa said in interview with AFP before leaving. for climbing.

Thursday’s meeting comes five days after a group of 11 Nepali peaks set the sea to pave the way for this long period.

Among them was the Full Circle Everest Expedition, the first all-Black team from the 8,849-meter (29,032-foot) summit.

“The first Black Trip is made to Everest. At least six from the group have arrived meeting with their guides,” said Jiban Ghimire of Shangri-La Nepal Treks.

The wave of summits also saw the only Ukrainian climber this season, Antonina Samoilova arrived up with her country flag, her trip 14 Peaks Expedition confirmed.

“I ride Everest to support all the people of Ukraine, to support all the soldiers, all volunteers and all the people affected by this evil war and to give them the strength to fight until we are defeated,” he said. The 33-year-old said in a statement. interview before heading to the Everest area.

Climber Lucy Westlake also became the youngest female U.S. climber at 18 to attend Everest, Xtreme Climbers Treks and Expeditions posted on their Facebook page.

Nepal has granted 317 permits to foreign mountains for this year’s Everest spring season, which runs from mid-April to the end of May.

At least three mountains, one Russian and two Nepali, have died on Everest since the beginning of time.

The country only reopened its hills to the mountains last year after the pandemic killed the industry in 2020.


But with coronavirus cases on the rise, tour operators in Nepal are hoping for a longer lifespan this year.

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