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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was the Voice of Paddington Bear in Ukraine

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, the war-torn country has captured everyone’s imagination and until unknown facts about Ukraine emerge. One of the facts that has taken people by surprise is that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is an actor. In fact, he starred in a show where he played the president of the country. A few years later he became president of the country. Apart from this, social media is full of his acting and dance clips. Disseminating other such information about Zelenskyy, British actor Hugh Bonneville tweeted that the Ukrainian Prime Minister had a voice for Paddington Bear in Ukraine. Paddington is a famous family film and Bonneville is part of the British production.

“To this day I have no idea who provided the @paddingtonbear in Ukraine. Speak for myself, thank you, President Zelenskiy. #PaddingtonBear. “

“For those around the world who are aware of the values ​​of Paddington …”

People were amazed at this.

“This man is an unbeliever. If you were a character in a movie you would say you have won a lot, however… I think you also know that you have overcome DWTS for your transfers… ”

“And he overcame the strict Ukrainian Us Dancing.”

“You also have legal advice and maybe crochets as well.”

“If this ends up saying someone is the new James Bond no one will disagree with that statement.”

“I have a feeling that the Paddington concert at the Paddington venue will take some flowers and some blue and yellow ornaments.”

A video of Zelenskyy going viral shows him living in a TV show “Tantsi z zirkamy” which is a Ukrainian TV version of “Dancing with the Stars”. The clip shows Zelenskyy in different costumes, dancing to different songs. According to USA Today, Zelenskyy and his partner on the show, dancer Olena Shoptenko, won in 2006.

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