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Ukrainian MP Creates Makeshift Bunker Under Staircase to Wait Out Russian Airstrikes

He tweeted about as before, he would keep all his shoe boxes in that place. (Credits: Twitter / @ kiraincongress)

Ukrainian MP Kira Rudnik’s boot is now a double bunker as a place to take shelter during Russian air strikes as well as a work station.

  • Last Updated:June 28, 2022, 14:03 IS

Ukrainian citizen Kira Rudnik has revealed that he transformed a shoe box under the stairs of his home into a bunker of sorts. It acts as a place of refuge when air strikes occur in Ukraine amid a Russian attack. When he took to Twitter, Rudnik shared a photo and wrote, “We went down there 3-4 times a day. While we wait for #airstrikes to pass, we pray, sing songs, or imagine what life will be like when the war is over. ” You tweeted about it already, it will store all your shoe boxes to that site. Thus, when they heard the siren, they went down there in anticipation of the Russian air strikes, he put a yoga mate and pillows in the bunker, it also served as a work station at one time.

A photo of Rudik taking a Kalashnikov has also gone viral on social media. A Kalashnikov holder gave hope, he told India Today. He added that this is the first time he has carried a weapon. “I learned to use #Kalashnikov and prepare to carry arms. It seems that just a few days ago it would not come to my mind at all. #Our women will protect our home as our #men. Go #Ukraine! ”He tweeted.

In another post, he wrote, “I plan to plant tulips and daffodils on my back today. Instead, I learned how to burn weapons and prepare for the next attack on #Kyiv. We did not go anywhere. This is our city, our land, our home. We will fight for you. So next week I can plant my flowers. Here.”

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