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Ukrainian Engineer Tries to Drown Russian Boss’ Rs 70 Crore Yacht, Says ‘No Regrets’

A Ukrainian engineer tries to sink his Russian employer’s small boat as he watches Russian weapons explode into apartment blocks in Ukraine. The Daily Telegraph reports that a million 7 million airliner named Lady Anastasia was docked in Mallorca by Ukrainian man Taras Ostapchuk. The ship’s owner, Alexander Mijeev, was the former head of a Russian Helicopter Corporation, which hired a state-owned arms supplier. Ostapchuk, 55, told Spanish authorities after his arrest that Mijeev-type weapons were used to kill Ukrainian civilians. Ostapchuk has been working on a small boat for ten years and has unlocked a key valve, which causes it to sink into the water.

Ostapchuk said his decision came after watching a video of the damage he caused to an apartment building in Ukraine. He said it appeared to be caused by a weapon attack similar to the one Mijeev committed. Ostapchuk then proceeded to open a plug in the engine room and another one in the pilots’ carriage area. He also ordered other crew members to leave the ship, reminding them that they, in particular, were Ukrainian citizens. They, however, refused to obey their orders and worked to prevent small boats from flooding. According to a report by Business Insider, he also said that this was an act of revenge for the attack, adding in a statement by a court that he did not regret it.

The 55-year-old engineer also told a local news agency that although he had lost his first battle, which was to sink his employer’s ship, he would win the next one, which would return. Ukraine to fight Russia. After hearing Ostapchuk’s confession, a Mallorca judge released him from prison.

Ukrainian citizens rose in different directions in the war-torn country. A Ukrainian brewery has transformed from beer to Molotov cocktails, transforming its bottling material into an oil bomb factory churning out Molotov cocktails to be launched in Russian tanks. The Pravda brewery is located in Lyiv, Ukraine and uses bottles for Molotovs. The bottles read “Putin Huilo” which means slur attached with the name of the Russian president. Molotov cocktails are made for the use of Ukrainian self-defense forces, the Telegraph UK reports. According to Juri Zastavniy, Pravda’s manager, for the War, there were not many people drinking alcohol at this venue anyway. to do so.

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