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Ukrainian Children Sing Kyiv National Anthem While Hiding in Bomb Shelter

Despite severe sanctions and international sanctions, Russia continues its offensive in Ukraine. Many shocking videos from the war-torn country have left the world in tears. Recently, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry released a video message of children, hiding in a bomb shelter and singing their national anthem. The 23-second clip shows six children sitting around, playing cards, and playing music.

Previously, many videos of Ukrainians playing their part in the Russian war and gaining power in their national anthem were circulated on social media. The Ukrainian anthem was sung after the fall of the Soviet Union, and has now become a way to show solidarity and courage in the midst of the Russian invasion.

According to the history of the Kyiv anthem, it originated from 19th-century Ukrainian poetry entitled ‘Ukraine Is Not Dead Yet’. Singing was banned in Kyiv when Ukraine became part of the Soviet Union.

When the USSR split, Kyiv music regained its status. The country’s parliament, in 2003, changed the first line of the song to ‘Ukraine’s independence is not lost, or its glory’, which was previously ‘Ukraine is not dead yet.’

As a result, 352 civilians were killed in Ukraine, including at least 14 children. February 28. An Indian student loses her life in the war.

Meanwhile, Oleg Synegubov, head of the troubled Kharkiv region of the country, said on March 1 that Russian artillery attacks had hit Ukraine’s second-largest city, along with residential and administrative areas.

Ceasefire talks held on February 28, failed to reach a breakthrough and negotiators have not yet determined when a new round of talks will take place.

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