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Ukraine Tweets Cartoon of ‘Proud Hitler’ With Vladimir Putin as Russia Goes to War

Ukraine Twitter has posted a picture of Adolf Hitler smiling proudly at Vladimir Putin. (Credit: Twitter / @ Ukraine)

Ukraine’s official Twitter account features a description of Russian President Vladimir Putin in groups with Adolf Hitler laughing profusely.

  • Last Updated:June 24, 2022, 13:02 IS

Ukraine and Russia have been embroiled in a conflict with Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering “military operations” in Ukraine. Ukraine has not yet given up on their pursuit. To respond to Russia not with nuclear weapons, but with humor or a statement. Twitter users say the metaphor is a political game and they call it a meme, as many do, it can be fake. when she saw that he had been hurt, and she praised him.

The Internet may not believe that “war memes” on Twitter are real, but Ukrainian Twitter executives have already told the Washington Post about the power of humor and why Putin “feared” it.

Whether it’s a political game or a meme, Ukraine Twitter has already made its stand. Over the past year, the people behind the drink have been posting memes on the site as it opens. The first part of this episode is a meme describing “living next to Russia” as the worst kind of headache. On January 22, when the MFA Ukraine Twitter account wrote, “#OTD in 1990,> 400k Ukrainians join hands from Kyiv to Lviv and demand independence It is our first #UkrainianWave Today we face more than 100k [Russian] war is our border. Join us for the new #UkrainianWave to support our right to choose our path! RT #StandWithUkraine, “@Ukraine adds that call. Social media users at various sites have been surprised by this unexpected trend from the country’s Twitter account. In a message to The Washington Post, people behind it Ukraine’s Twitter account says, “We may not have nukes, but we have memes. It’s just a security memeorandum.”

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