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The ongoing crisis in Ukraine is having a profound effect on the airline industry. According to recent reports, flights from India to Europe will take longer than usual. This long period of time comes as a result of the use of Ukrainian airspace and the Russian government’s access to any British aircraft at its airspace.

Virgin Atlantic flights from Delhi-London will have a longer flight time of 15-60 minutes as the Russian government has banned all British airlines from crossing its airspace.

In response to Russia’s military strike in Ukraine, Boris Johnson’s government has announced that Russia’s Aeroflot will not allow it to arrive in the UK earlier this week.

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Therefore, the Russian government on Friday announced that British aircraft will not be allowed to arrive in Russia or use Russian airspace.

A Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman said on Friday: “On Thursday evening, we decided to start avoiding Russian airspace, and our airlines will continue to adjust for some of the Virgin Atlantic travel services between the UK and India. . ”

The spokesperson apologized for the unexpected incident to the customers through the longer flight times.

“Four Virgin Atlantic services are more frequent than Russia – flights between London Heathrow and Islamabad, Lahore, Delhi and services between Manchester and Islamabad,” the spokesman said.

“Avoiding Russian airspace will result in shorter flight times by 15-60 minutes, depending on the route,” the spokesman added.

“As usual, our airport, cabin pilots and customer teams will support customers with any connection aircraft,” the spokesman mentioned.

“The safety and security of our customers and people is always a priority, and we are monitoring the situation in Ukraine and Russia closely in anticipation of the escalation of the conflict, continuing to work in full cooperation with the relevant security authorities,” he said. authorities and governments, ”the spokesman noted.

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