Ukraine-Russia conflict: Paralympics medallist Sharad Kumar worried about his coach in Ukraine | Other Sports News

New Delhi: Toki Paralympics bronze medallist Sharad Kumar is monitoring developments related to Russia’s military operations in Ukraine as he worries about the safety of his coach Nikitin Yevhen there.

Yevhen is based in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city and around 500km from the capital Kyiv.

“Just talking to my trainer in Ukraine Kharkiv, he is worried, he can hear the bomb from his room, he plans to go to his garage underground,” Kumar tweeted.

Kumar trained in Kharkiv under Yevhen for more than four years before winning a bronze medal at the Tokyo Paralympics last year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced the launch of a military operation in eastern Ukraine.

Yevhen is already in India as the Sports Coach of the Indian Coach.

Sharad, who hails from Bihar and suffered paralysis in his left leg due to a devastating polio infection while driving a local nuclear power plant, is the champion of two Asian jumps (2014 and 2018) and the world silver medal (2019).

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