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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Old Dance Videos Go Viral Amid War With Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has become the subject of much discussion on social media amid Russia’s invasion of the country, with many praising his leader in the war. Now, a video of her going viral shows that she is taking a step in the TV show “Tantsi z zirkamy” which is a Ukrainian TV version of “Dancing with the Stars”. The clip shows Zelenskyy in different costumes, dancing to different songs. According to USA Today, Zelenskyy and her partner on the show, dancer Olena Shoptenko, won in 2006, when Zelenskyy was a comedian and actress. In 1997, Zelenskyy had a working group called Kvartal 95, or Quarter 95, which appeared on a comedy show. Later, he also set up a manufacturing company.

A Twitter user who shared a video summary of Zelenskyy’s dance wrote: “So it is clear that Zelenskyy overcame the Ukrainian version of dancing with the stars in 2006 and the tape is even better than you think.”

Soon, many evolutionists just hit Zelenskyy went viral on the mircoblogging platform, with clips from his acting and acclaimed comedy work. The Recount reported that before Zelenskyy became president, he starred in a Ukrainian show in which a history teacher accidentally became president after his rant about corruption went viral.

Previously, Zelensky spoke to his country, he also spoke to Russian citizens while speaking in Russian. His speech was described as “heartbreaking” and “moving” and the results from it went viral on social media. Zelenskyy’s speech came out as a message of peace in this difficult situation. As translated by Anton Troianovski, a reporter for the New York Times, Zelenskyy said in his address to Russians, “Listen to the reason. “Ukrainian people want peace, Ukrainian authorities want peace… We do not need war.” He added that if Ukraine strikes, the country will not attack but protect itself.

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