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Ukraine President Speaks To PM Modi As Russia Praises India’s UN Stand

India refuses to vote on UNSC decision on Russia attack on Ukraine

New Delhi:

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Saturday tweeted that he had spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking “political support”, shortly after Russia praised India’s decision to avoid a vote at the United Nations to condemn its attack.

By withdrawing from the UN Security Council resolution on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, India retained the option of reaching out to all relevant parties to find a middle ground and develop dialogue and diplomacy to prevent the crisis, government sources were quoted as saying. by the news agency. PTI on Saturday.

Although India refused to vote on the resolution, it called for respect for the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the states and for an immediate end to “violence and fighting”, according to sources. “bright tone” and opposition to Russian aggression. .

At a special UN Security Council meeting on Friday, Russia used its veto power to thwart a US-backed decision on Russia’s “strongest sanctions” against Ukraine. Apart from India, China and the United Arab Emirates also refused to vote.

While avoiding a vote on the resolution, India issued a “Election Information” (EoV) after the vote in which it called for a “return to diplomacy” and there was an immediate halt to “violence and fighting”.

India also told the UN Security Council that it had contacted all parties concerned and urged them to return to the negotiating table.

“Today’s global initiative is based on the UN Charter, international law, and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states,” India said in the EoV.

“All member states need to respect these principles in finding a way forward. Discussion alone is the answer to resolving differences and disputes, however dangerous it may appear at this time,” he said. .

Recognizing that it is deeply disturbed by the recent reversal of developments in Ukraine, India urges that all efforts be made for an immediate end to violence and conflict.

The sources said that India’s call for respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states and an end to the ongoing “violence” was a clear indication of its reprimand of Russia and its subversion in its entirety.

Of India’s three previous statements to the UN Security Council on the Ukraine crisis, there was no reference to the need to respect the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the states.

The sources said that India has maintained a “stable, stable and balanced” position on the issue that dialogue is the only answer to resolve differences and disputes.

In the 15-member UN Security Council, the resolution received 11 votes in favor, Russia against and India, China and the United Arab Emirates abstaining.

The decision calls for Russia to immediately suspend its offensive and withdraw all its troops.

As long as Russia voted against the decision (vetoed the decision), it did not pass.

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