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UK Woman Gets Rs 20 Lakh in Compensation After Boss Yells She ‘Must Be in Menopause’

After a brief altercation with her boss over allegations that she must be in menopause, a woman in the UK has now received Rs 20,000 from the Labor Court. According to a report by The Mirror, 52-year-old Leigh Best used to work at Embark on Raw, a pet food company based in Essex, UK. One day in March 2020, Best, who worked as a sales assistant in the industry, got in touch with his boss David Fletcher. The argument is based on the subsequent mishap that David went through in the workplace declaring that the best course of action was to have menopause. Reportedly, David also tried to suppress Best Practice at work later when a customer talked about “having a hot flash”. Listening to the customer makes it better to cover your ears as you find it uncomfortable to listen. “I do not want to hear about it… I do not want to know,” the labor court noted.

However, once the customer left, David continued to discuss the topic thus creating a carefree work environment for the Best. After the incident, Best even tried to complain to David’s wife but to no avail. Reportedly, David Andrea’s wife supported David’s behavior and even hale to put Best out of his job. Andrea tells Best that she must “cry” and that she must learn to communicate with people by hand. He added that it is best to refrain from disciplining people or “we will have to call one day.”

Best of all once raised safety concerns with your boss when the workplace was open during the pandemic but staff did not follow COVID-19 guidelines properly. Otherwise, Best was called paranoid and later even discouraged for rude behavior with co-workers and supervisors.

In response to David’s plea, the court ruled that he had made “indecent and impartial rules concerning his age. He also notices that he makes serious comments about his sexuality as a woman and that David talks about it even when it best expresses his anger over the same.

Reportedly, Leigh Best not only received a refund of Rs 20.2 lakh from Embark and Raw, but also managed to set up his own company by the name RawKings later.

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