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UK Journalist Loses 20 Years of Memories after Contracting a Virus

For many, cold sores are often caused by a runny nose, sore throat or nausea. But for a woman in the United Kingdom, it makes her lose 20 years of memories. However, it was later found that not only cold but encephalitis, which is a lethal inflammation of the brain. According to a report by The Sun, Claire Muffett-Reece, 43, who works as a reporter, picked up a cold from her son Max last year on Father’s Day. After going to bed early, Claire was worried the next morning after her husband Scott took her to the hospital.

Tragically, Claire was airlifted after experiencing an attack but when her condition worsened, she was transferred to another hospital. After a few tests, neurologists told them that Claire’s brain was swollen with cancer. The doctors said that it may have been caused by a virus.

Although Claire was removed from her life after spending 16 nights, the problem began when she failed to recall the past 20 events. She asked her husband about their cats they had slept with years ago. Sadly, Claire could not even remember the birth of her children and even their birthdays, or the holidays they spent together. He can’t even remember his wedding day.

Seriously, Claire also did not remember that a pandemic hit the world and was surprised to learn of some dark events like the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 bombings.

Explaining Claire’s condition, the scientist said that memory loss is a common side effect of encephalitis. He further stated that there was no guarantee Claire would be able to recover the lost memories. However, after spending five weeks in the hospital, Claire is finally discharged and can reunite with her children. Claire later shared that sometimes a photo will be worth a shot but she also struggles to remember things. With the privilege of recalling it, Claire said that she hopes to “make many new ones happy.”

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