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Truth Behind the Viral Photo

As Russia invades Ukraine and is flooded with pictures and videos of people in the past, showing a great deal of violence and sadness, a very old photo has taken over. It depicts a man and a woman embracing each other, one wearing a Russian flag and the other a Ukrainian flag. Many on social media share with the right messages, including Congressman Shashi Tharoor. “Pain: A Ukrainian flag bearer catches a woman wearing a Russian flag. Let us hope for love, peace & victory in life on war & conflict, “Tharoor tweeted. Juliana Kuznetsova, a Russian woman and her Ukrainian fiancé, were on their way to a game in Poland when they saw the flags flying, and they decided to hold on to each other.

“We have no political views with this picture,” he told the Washington Post in 2019. “But after that picture was taken all over the Internet and I read a lot of comments, both good and bad, I understood that maybe we A photo like that can give some hope to a person that everything can be fine no matter what, the love can overcome it all. ”

Next up is the post-invasive post of 2019. Social media users continue to thrive even now as they pray for peace.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “The population in Ukraine is growing at the moment. Citizens are dying. At least 100,000 Ukrainians have already reported fleeing their homes. UN staff are stepping up the delivery of life-saving support. Their safety and freedom of movement must be guaranteed. ” According to the mayor of Vasilkiv, which is located 35 kilometers (21.75 miles) south of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, heavy fighting is currently taking place in the city center. “It is completely occupied with fighting,” Mayor Natalia Balasynovich said early Saturday on the Ukrainian parliament channel. . ”

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