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Due to a ‘system imbalance,’ Toyota is suspending production in all 28 lines 28 of its 14 plants in Japan starting on March 1. Kojima Industries Corp, based in Toyota city in central Japan, said on February 28 that problem can be a cyberattack. as found in your computer server settings.

As a result, the company said its system could not communicate effectively with Toyota or monitor production, although there was nothing wrong with the production equipment.

Kojima spokesman Tomohiro Takayama said the company was investigating and working to fix the problem. “This has not happened before,” Takayama said. “We are not sure yet whether it is a cyberattack, but we suspect it may be one.”

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Kojima provides Toyota with many features including air conditioning, wheelchairs, and other features for inside and outside vehicles. It does not matter when the problem can be corrected and production can begin.

Toyota Motor Corp., which owns the Prius and Sedan Camry hybrid, apologizes for the inconvenience to its customers and promises to fix the problem as soon as possible. Hino Motors, the founder of a Toyota Group, said two of its production plants in Japan were affected by a mishap.

The Nikkei daily reported that Daihatsu Motor Co., a Toyota affiliate that manufactures small cars, also one and has stopped production. “Whether production will start on March 2 will be decided later on March 1,” Daihatsu said in a statement.

Toyota and previous fitness groups are struggling with a shortage of chips and other components due to disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic. Some customers have been waiting months for their orders to be delivered.

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