TNPL: Fighting Injustice As You Lose Comfort After Mankaded Receiving. Careful -by Ecork

N Jagadeesan responds after his departure at the start of the TNPL season.© Twitter

The 2022 season of the Tamil Nadu Premier League begins on a surprising note as the first game turns out to be an exciting decision in a Super Over. But there is a galley game though, with Father Aparajith running N Jagadeesan out at the non-attacking end while running into the bowl and the opening batter responding with a finger greeting. In the fourth of the Chepauk Super Gillies’ chase against Nellai Royal Kings, Jagadeesan supported Baba Aparajith, who proceeded to ‘Mankad’ for him. As an angry Jagadeesan walks back to the barn, he turns to the side of the bushes and raises his middle finger.

But Jagadeesan did not. After removing his gloves, he repeated the abomination again.

See: N Jagadeesan takes Mankaded, responds with middle finger

The custodians of the cricket rules, Marylebone Cricket, recently re-distributed the controversial runout, from rule 41’s ‘unfair game’ and incorporated it among the 38 rules that apply to legitimate outings.

Jagadeesan made 25 kills 15 before withdrawing.

Earlier, King Nellai scored 184/4 behind Sanjay Yadav’s 47-ball 87 and opened Laxmesha Suryaprakash 50-ball 62.

In response, Jagadeesan’s opening partner scored 64 kills 42 but the team is still in trouble.


However, S Harish Kumar hit four points and six in the final to tie the score and bring the game into Super Over.

Jagadeesan’s six away from the Super Over final saw them win the Super Ghillies by 9 points. But the kings chased him in five deliveries to defeat the opening fixture.

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