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Tinder Swindler Shimon Hayut Swindled of Rs 5 Lakh by Fake Instagram Account

If karma is real, no one can prove it better now than real life ‘Tinder Swindler’ Shimon Hayut, who recently tasted his medicine. In what will most call poetry justice, the famous conman himself earned $ 6,664 (₹ 5,04,228) by a woman who said her boyfriend had engaged with Meta, Facebook and her parent company Instagram. According to a report in TMZ, Hayut received a private message on Instagram from the woman stating that her boyfriend could verify him and his girlfriend on Instagram. Hayut then made a FaceTime call with a boyfriend he thought, who appeared to be in the busy office space at the time. You would think that Hayut, being a pro in forgery himself, would find out through this scam but he fell for it anyway. He believed that the girl’s boyfriend was actually calling her from Meta’s office and agreed to pay the exchange in exchange that he and his girlfriend had verified on Instagram and that their fraudulent accounts had been deleted. The payments are sent via PayPal through 2 separate transactions – one for her and one for the woman.

However, the Hayut manager recently started having doubts just to Meta himself to find out more. He was surprised to find out that the man was not only a forgery but Meta did not receive any money for certification at all. The scammers, who may or may not be the couple actually cleaned up their accounts and lost them after the payment was made. Hayut later got himself verified in legal and official ways, but his business was gone.

This new development follows the announcement by the family of the true Leviev, a famous Israeli family, that they decided to accuse Hayut of imitating a member of their family while shown in the Netflix Tindler Swindler series based on Hayut’s interests. Hayut made “false accusations as a Levite and [got] multiple benefits (including materials), fraud and the use of deceptive language, ”according to the lawsuit.

Lev’s daughter, Chagit Leviev, told NBC News she was “delighted” that her fraud had been discovered. “Shimon Hayut is a scammer who stole our family identity and tried to deceive others into the millions of dollars,” he added. I am delighted that his identity and actions have truly been made public. ”

If you are still unfamiliar with the story of Shimon Hayut, you can also watch The Tinder Swindler streaming on Netflix right now.

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