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TikTok is Now Teaching You How to Make an Improvised Tourniquet

Forget about the dances and amusing challenges of the season. On TikTok, the war in Ukraine has changed the type of content on the altar. For example users can learn how to celebrate a trip thanks to the social network. On TikTok, survival guides have replaced dance trainings. User @ survival.doctors, posing as Dr. Teimojin Tan, has gone on a rampage on the Chinese social network, and this time it is not because of culture or dance time, but because of the war in Ukraine.

More precisely, the medicine has gone viral because of the video showing the different steps of creating a journey, which is met with real success on the altar. The 2 minute video reached 1.3 million views and reached nearly 400,000 “Likes” in just four days, despite the account having only 234,100 “subscribers”.

In the video, Dr. Tan shows how to “make a good trip in the right way,” to stop bleeding as quickly as possible, “in light of what is happening in Ukraine,” he said. . “Bleeding from the hands and feet is one of the most deadly and preventable injuries in the war zone,” he explained at the beginning of his video.

A real survival guide adapted to a situation where time is of the essence, says this professional. This type of content is different from the videos that are usually developed on the Chinese social network, but that is appreciated by many users of the altar. Speakers did not hesitate to share their grief over the recent tragic events in Europe: just say, which adds more. over 25,000 “Likes.” “I can’t believe we are learning how to survive a war in 2022. It is 2022 and it is a war. omg, “another user said.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Dr. Teimojin Tan works at Gray Bruce Health Services in Ontario, Canada, and regularly offers videos on TikTok that teach innovations to respond better to life-threatening injury.

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