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This Student Transforms Nail into Incredible Sculpture Using Everyday Objects in Japan

He may be only 16 years old, but this Japanese high school student is ready to change his nail art. Taichi Yamane’s personal trainer transforms nails into amazing games by using everyday objects, among other things, to make the most of the manicures. With stones, metals, translucent or fluorescent materials, small flowers, buttons and more, its creation looks endless.

It is a kind of story that challenges many previous ideas that you may not find help but tell to anyone who will listen. So here we go… Taichi Yamane is a 16-year-old high school student in Tokyo determined to let his love be his future. Nothing ordinary so far, you could say. Unless the young man in question has written everything himself, at home, spending hours trying, trying, failing, and then starting again, arbitrarily, until he achieves these amazing summaries, the part way between nail art and gaming.

With more than a thousand followers – for now – your Instagram account has become a showcase of your creations. Sometimes you will explore small nail art designs, but often you will find pictures of the biggest nail art, using everything you can get your hands on. Among the most striking creations was the nail art gift consisting of mass beads attached to one another, but the sculptures were made using gel or various metals.

More unusual, the young nail artist uses stones, keys or safety pins, which stand or adjust as nails to your nails. And, while acknowledging Dazed magazine that it does not have the necessary skills to give each of its ideas a rise, there is no doubt that the experience will make you know more amazing games.

At just 16 years old, this high school student has already boasted to impress celebrity nail artists by surprise – and this is just the beginning. He told the popular magazine: “I have a lot of interests in life, all I want to do is get an education, move to a foreign country, and meet people I know. you never meet again. ”

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