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This Canadian City Will Celebrate Valentine’s Day on March 14, Know Why

After witnessing anti-liberation protests for nearly three weeks where people took to the streets to express their dissatisfaction with COVID-19 orders, Ottawa, the capital of Canada, has now decided to turn the mood. Reportedly, Ottawa City Council approved a motion to mark Valentine’s Day on March 14 14 days after the protests ended. The move was announced on March 23 by city councilor Mathieu Fleury on his Twitter account. “Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Ottawa on March 14, 2022,” Fleury wrote in the post. He also shared a note through a photo and also thanked the city council. “Thanks to the City Council for supporting Keith Egli and I moving,” he added.

In a statement shared by Fleury, he emphasized that “Ottawa is recovering from a recent heart attack that affected our heart for three weeks.” The commission added that the protests affected businesses in Ottawa as shops were forced to remain closed during operations by protesters.

Fleury also said the protests also took a toll on the mental health of Ottawa residents who witnessed people walking on the road and trucks blocking roads. Highlighting the need to give confidence in the area, Fleury wrote that Valentine’s Day “serves as a place to gather with lovers, enjoy winter activities and support local businesses.”

It even highlighted how the protests took a shadow over Valentine’s Day this year where city businesses were hit hard by the protests while recovering from the locks that caused the pandemic.

At the end of his memoir, Fleury wrote that Ottawa will re-celebrate Valentine’s Day on March 14. “A city with a single heart needs more love,” he added. Meanwhile, he also shared that the city’s communications and economic development staff will join hands with other executives to promote shopping, eating and staying in downtown Ottawa to help revitalize the business.

The move was welcomed by many as Twitter users appreciated and thanked the committee in the comment section. “Thank you to everyone for taking the advice of Ward 9 residents one by one,” Councilor Keith Egli wrote. While another user even dropped one emoticons he wrote “This is awesome!”

What do you think of celebrating Valentine’s Day again on March 14th?

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