“They Are Trying To Take Out Guns”: NRAI Official On World Games Organizers -by Ecork

The Indian National Rifle team expressed frustration with the shooting not on the preliminary list of sports plans for the 2026 World Games which will be played in Victoria in Australia. NRAI Secretary-General Kunwar Sultan Singh suggests that India’s performance better than others is the reason for the drop from CWG 2026.

“We have been following him. Indeed, as long as the World Federation is rooted in the IOA and we are thankful that the Indian Olympic Committee has also been very keen for ownership. There is no music or reason for any reason for the Federal to drop. “This game is over. Maybe they will just be overtaken by a wide range of honors in this sport,” Kunwar Sultan Singh told ANI.

“Therefore, federation holders who are constantly taking over and discontinuing sports activities which are very unethical. Australia should have all the facilities. We very much hope that they should include shooting as well as sports. competition, ”he added.

Australia hosted the 2006 World Cup in Melbourne as well as in 2018 at the Gold Coast recently and in both events they were shooting as a sporting discipline.

In the 2018 World Cup in the Gold Coast, India won 16 medals in shooting with seven gold, four silver and five bronze while in wrestling India won 12 medals including five gold, silver three and four bronze.

“The Commonwealth Games even last time around when it took place in Australia. They were trying to take the gun out and it was only on NRAI efforts we managed to insert and in fact bring in India at the World Cup. Leading but we cannot always succeed, ”said NRAI Vice President Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo.

“We have actually made a provision to the Federal Commonwealth that NRAI can play the shooting part of the World Cup at all times in India. It is up to the Federation Games to get this,” he added.

Regarding the Asian Games, which is scheduled to take place in Hangzhou, before it is postponed due to COVID-19, the Vice President said he hopes the Indian team will have a good campaign.


“In the Asian Games and the Olympics we feel we have a very good chance of winning the awards. The event is in such a way that our first athletes are high at the right time before the Asian Games,” said Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo.

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