The Internet Can’t Get Over Salman Khan Failing At His Own Dance Move With Pooja Hegde

Salman and Pooja are interrupted from the video. (by: SalmanSajidBha6)


  • Salman and Pooja Hegde perform on the Da-Bangg tour
  • He performed his song ‘Jumme Ki Raat’
  • Salman distastefully repeats the action hook of the song

New Delhi:

Salman Khan’s signature dance moves from blockbuster hit movies are very popular among lovers. Thus, it makes headlines for repeating one such action. Well, we can say that he tried again and again but failed miserably. Result? Clip, from Da-Bangg The Journey – Re-launched, has gone viral on social media. The event takes place at the Dubai Expo 2020. Here, Salman Khan coincides with the steps with Pooja Hegde. During the performance, Salman Khan was seen trying to recreate Jumme Ki Raat hook action from your filmTapa. In the original song, which included Jaqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan took his dress with his teeth. The move certainly became a nightmare.

But, while performing on stage, Salman Khan failed to reunite with Pooja Hegde. Thanks to the artists’ short body con dress. In the video, despite several attempts, Salman Khan is not able to withstand the threat posed by Pooja Hegde. Finally, he smiled and asked the actor to stay for a while. Afterwards, Salman Khan became a fringe of his dress with his teeth before coming out on stage.

Here is the post shared on Twitter.

Some fans praised the way Salman Khan managed the failed dance move. One user commented, “Haha Salman handled so well.”

But others seemed quite angry about the dance moves. People called it, “Nonsense.”

The video also made its way to Reddit. And, people have expressed anger.

One user commented, “Can’t they just replace the step or give it the proper dress for the step? If you as a person can control this completely, and you must have re-done ipilẹ the basics lol.”

Another wrote, “That’s part of this dance project. It sounds awful. I agree with that.”

Some called it “creepiness”.

“Bhai seems to be dealing with everything,” read one of the reactions.

Of course Salman Khan has won the attention of many people.

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