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Terrifying Video Shows Tree Smashing into Double-decker Bus During Storm Eunice in London

Undoubtedly, Eunice was devastated in many places in the United Kingdom. Causing complete chaos in daily life, the Eunice storm of more than 120 mph is a wind that has damaged many vehicles and homes. Not only that, but trees torn apart and falling as a result of the storm have caused massive destruction throughout the capital, as a terrifying picture came out showing a London bus crashing into a tree.

A Dashcam image, taken from another car, shows a two-decker bus speeding on the road smashed by a tree. A photo of another vehicle took the moment when the tree exploded on a bus which was said to be heading to Catford Bridge in Biggin Hill, Bromley. It can be seen in the video that the crash shattered the windscreen of the double bus. And as soon as the incident took place, other vehicles on the road immediately turned or stopped at the noise of the moment. Fortunately, no one was killed in the incident.

Watch the video here:

According to emergency services, at least 13 people were killed on Friday by falling trees, falling debris, and high winds in Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Poland, the news agency reported. AFP reported. Not only that, but according to Reuters, more than 200,000 British homes are still without power and emergency services.

In addition, Reuters was told by a body representing fire networks in the UK that the deadly storm had hit more than a million families off the grid. Keeping safety in mind, people have been urged to avoid travel. In a bid to make the public aware, Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted, “We should all follow the advice and take precautions to keep it going.”

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