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Tamil Poet Gifts Poem, Literature Books as ‘Dowry’ on Daughter’s Wedding

It is the wedding ceremony of a girl supervised by ‘Tamilini Pulanam’, a WhatsApp group based in Tamil Nadu. Poet Thangam Murthy, who oversees the ‘Tamilini Pulanam’ group, organized his daughter’s wedding in Pudukkottai on March 20. Surprisingly, nine cows were traditionally decorated with accordions, adorned with poems and literature books of famous Tamil poems lined up. in a way, it is all in the traditional way. The idea of ​​giving poetry works by a group of Tamil artists has taken people by surprise.

A WhatsApp group called ‘Tamilini Pulanam’ has been created to bring the best quality of Tamil language to the next generation. This WhatsApp group has many Tamil lovers from many fields including professionals such as doctors, teachers, police, actors among others. Therefore, the wedding took place in a private hall in Pudukkottai.

Meanwhile, instead of ‘Tamilini Pulanam,’ the members of the group decided to give a gift in a traditional way for the bride and groom. Tamil Literature and Poetry Books are stacked and the nine bulls are ready to go to the wedding hall from Thangam Murthy’s house. Previously, members of the ‘Tamilini Pulanam’ group, including doctors and teachers, regularly produced poems of famous Tamil poets – Avvaiyar, Thiruvalluvar, Kambar, Bharathiyar, Kannadhasan, Ilango adigal, Bharathidasan, Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram and Vaali.

Finally, the members carried poems and books with ‘Mukkani’ (Mangoes, Jackfruits and bananas) in their hands, along with traditional Tamil music instruments such as ‘Urumi’. The members performed a fun dance in a way that traditionally reflected the ‘wisdom’ tax for the New-Wedding couple. Later, actor Ravi Maria also took part in the show, much to the amazement of the locals.

Passers-by and those present at the wedding venue were amazed by the dancing of the ‘Tamilini Pulanam’ members on the main road of Pudukkottai, riding in the bull carts in traditional style and introducing many Tamil books and features to New ‘Tamil’ couple.

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