Sunil Gavaskar Meets What Is The Weakness Of The Delhi Capitals Captain And “Game-Changing” Rishabh Pant In IPL 2022 -by Ecork

Delhi Capitals Director Rishabh Pant is in action at IPL 2022.© BCCI / IPL

Averaging 281 out of 10 innings was not a bad way during the IPL season, but when it comes to player Rishabh Pant’s quality, it affects the team’s chances. Pant has had a combined bag of competition so far and the result is that his Delhi Capitals team is fighting to survive in the league with three matches to be played. DC defeated the Rajasthan Royals in a must-win meeting on Thursday and it was time for Pant to send for his team.

He is currently the second-highest-ranked runner for his team in IPL 2022 after super consistent David Warner, but Pant’s problem is that he failed to produce big and long runs. Southpaw has yet to register 50 this season with a high of 44.

At a time when the Capitalists need to win all their matches to look forward to the fourth season of the playoffs, Pant needs to get his act together. Former Indian captain and big batting Sunil Gavaskar has weighed in on what is hurting Pant this season and the DC chief would do well to listen to his advice.

“The problem is that either he tries to hit early and loses his wicket or if he set after that he tries to pull the whole delivery for six,” Gavaskar said on Tak Sports.

“He has to have some patience and bat as a matchmaker. He is a game changer and it is time for him to do this if the Delhi Capitals are eligible for the tournament. He is batting at number 4. and not at number 6. You need to calculate at least 60 or 70 runs if you get a bat 10. These 20 and 30 years will not help Delhi, ”Gavaskar added.

The great Indian already, who has been commenting on the competition has watched the Pant game closely and feels that he needs to improve his shooting choices.

“The shooting options have to be good and you need to be more careful in that area,” Gavaskar said.


Delhi Capitals have 10 points from 11 matches and need to win each of their remaining three matches to stay in the world to finish in the top 4.

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