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Stuck In Ukraine’s Sumy Varsity, 600 Indian Students Await Evacuation Amid Shortage Of Food, Water

More than 600 Indian students enrolled in Sumy University in Ukraine (File)


More than 600 Indian students are currently attending a university in Sumy, a city in northeastern Ukraine, hoping to leave soon due to “continued gunfire and bombardment” by the military. Russia has completely intimidated them, one of the students said.

Not a single Indian student from Sumy State University, near the Russian border has been expelled so far, Viraj Walde, who is from Nagpur in Maharashtra and who is currently studying fourth year medical at that university, told PTI over the phone. on Wednesday.

“More than 600 Indian students are detained here at Sumy University. The embassy has not removed us or given any guarantee to that effect. Over the last five days, the gun has going forward, shells and bombs are in the city, ”he said. Their final exams are about to begin on March 15, he said. “Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a few tips were given to students and academics who told us that the testers could wait. Therefore, we wait for the tests to begin,” Mr Walde said. add.

“But right now, students are terrified and their mental state is deteriorating. Food and drinking water supplies are declining. Even banks and ATMs are running out of money,” he said.

The Police Department has sent advice to students, telling them to use the western border of Ukraine only and reach the neighboring countries of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Moldova. But as long as Sumy is in the northeastern part of Ukraine, it is not possible for them to travel all the way to the west in the prevailing conditions, he said.

“The border in the western part of Ukraine is almost 1,500 kms away from Sumy, while the Russian border is only 50 kms. The railway station in Sumy is also closed due to the bomb, and travel by road is like suicide since Russian and Ukrainian forces are fighting each other in such areas, ”he added.

He said the military government had told students not to leave because there were weapons in the city. “On behalf of all the students who are staying in Sumy, I ask the Indian government to get out of us before anything bad happens to us,” he said.

First, Indian accidents in Ukraine, a medical student from the Haveri district of Karnataka was killed in a major attack in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Tuesday.

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