Stocks to buy in 2022: ICICI Bank, ITC, KNR Constructions among Centrum Broking’s ‘top picks’ | Markets News

New Delhi: ICICI Bank, LIC Housing Finance, UTI Asset Management Company, and Care Ratings shares are Centrum Broking’s ‘top picks’ for the current quarter. For ICICI Bank, the broker offers a ‘buy’ call at Rs 776 with a deposit price of Rs 940.

For the LIC House, the UTI Asset Management Committee, and Maintenance Scales, it recommends purchases at Rs 387, Rs 870, and Rs 512, while the outlets are Rs 575, Rs 1,420, and Rs 700, respectively.

At the FMCG site, its top choices are ITC and Titan, while Coal India has a steel sector.

Of the infrastructure, KNR Construction, Indian Box Office, and Private Ports are the top choices.

All the products mentioned, the retailer believes, are immune to inflation.

“Industrial assets for the 3QFY22 have been affected by unpredictable entry costs, a huge difference on the back of raw material additions, even more so the management is cautious on the cost of raw materials given uncertainty…,” the broker said. Also Read: LPG gas price doubled from April? This is why you may need to release wallet phrases

He continues to believe that the additional cost of raw materials is “yet to peak”. Also Read: Banks receive Rs 18,000 crore from Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi; check the remaining amount

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