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Special Flight With 182 Indians Lands In Delhi From Ukraine

Russia declares war on Ukraine

New Delhi:

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) landed at Delhi airport around 7:45 am on Thursday carrying 182 Indian nationals, mostly students.

Amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, many airlines are operating special aircraft, including Air India, to bring back Indian nationals safely.

“The main flight of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) landed at Delhi Airport from Kyiv, at 7:45 this morning, with 182 Indians, including students,” an official of Ukraine International Airlines in India tell ANI on widget condition.

Officials of India’s Ukraine International Airlines are very pleased to announce that the first departing flight from Kiev in Ukraine has successfully operated with Indians.

“Ukraine International Airline, the first major airline to be reached today at 07:45 at Delhi Airport carrying 182 Indian students first enrolled in the universities of is different in Ukraine, “Anju Wariah, GSA representative of UIA in India told ANI.

Further, Anju Varia thanked the Ministry of Electricity (MEA) and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India for allowing a special UIA aircraft to operate an outbound aircraft.

“This has been made possible with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA), the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Indian Police Service alongside the UIA team in both countries operating at full-time.” Anju Wariah told ANI.

Ukraine is currently in a state of war due to tensions between the two countries (Russia), with many parents in India surrendering to bring their children and relatives back in Ukraine. Parents are in constant contact with airlines based in Ukraine and Air India for safe return.

“We understand the concerns of parents and our effort is to help and assist as many of the students who study there return home. There are four major holiday flights scheduled for the next two days and we are working on more, ”Anju said.

In the coming days for Indians, more flights will operate from Ukraine (Kiev) amid tensions in the country.

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