Sorry Karan Johar, But Twinkle Khanna Only Love “Tea With Twinkle” -by Ecork

Twinkle Khanna enjoys a cup of tea. (via: twinklerkhanna)

Twinkle Khanna wore many hats. He is an interior designer, author and entrepreneur. However, Twinkle Khanna is very famous and loves for her sharp wit and sense of great humor. We see an example of this in your new Instagram post. She made a black and white picture of her sipping on some tea with hair tied up in rollers, while set for a shoot. In the caption, he wrote, “This thing is with you. On a program I was eager to mumbling, “Praise me now,” although I mean secretly with a Nerf gun not a camera, but then there are days like these when it all plays and games. ”

That’s not all. Twinkle Khanna even refers to close friend and director Karan Johar in the title. He said, “Hmm … He can’t Coffee with Karan again but Tea with Twinkle may not be a bad idea after all. ”For the unversed, Karan Johar is back with a new season of his highly popular Celebrity Talk show Coffee with Karan. Twinkle Khanna has starred in the fifth season of the show with her husband, actress Akshay Kumar.

In the title, Twinkle Khanna also incorporates hashtags “after events” and “release me now”. Many fans responded to the post, telling the author that “Tea with Twinkle” sounds like a nice idea.

While we love the concept of “Tea with Twinkle”, it looks like the author has his plate full, already. A few days ago, Twinkle Khanna announced that one of her short stories Hello Noni Appa will soon be turned into a movie. Sharing a photo with the group, Twinkle Khanna wrote, “Hurrah. Sports of Praise, Ellipsis and Mrs. Funnybones Movies collaborated on a film that endured from my short story Hello Noni Appa. This film is really special because I am working with amazing friends like Tanuj Garg, Sameer Nair, Atul Kasbekar and directed by Sonal Dabral.

Speaking about what the project means to her, Twinkle Khanna adds, “Hello Noni Appa is loosely based on my grandmother and her sister. “

See the post here:

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Twinkle Khanna gave us a summary of the all-female group at Tweak India, a digital content company launched by the author, saying, “Everyday Women’s Day with this widow office. Fresh as we go. ”

Twinkle Khanna has been married to actress Akshay Kumar since 2001. The couple has a son, Aarav and a daughter, Nitara.

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