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So You Like Rap But Can’t Stand Heavy Metal? Science Can Help You Understand Why

People can have very strong ideas about music. That is why some people are less into rock, pop or classical music, for example. Researchers from the German Max Planck University have investigated this phenomenon. It turns out that many factors can explain this hatred for certain types of music. Scientists asked around 20 people of all ages about their reasons for hating certain musical traditions. They found that these could be divided into three categories. Firstly with the characteristics related to the music itself, such as songs or compilations of an object. The second relates to the emotional and physical effects that music can have on an individual, while the final category relates to social factors.

Contrary to what you may think, hating a particular type of music is not about hating a particular song or artist. It can be a lot more visceral than that. Participants in the study felt physically ill when they listened to music they did not like. Some experience headache, nausea or feeling as their heart rate increases. This anxiety affects the mental health of some participants. They feel angry, angry or even down when they listen to music that is not their favorite. And this bad mood can even last longer.

Is the love of music natural?

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute found that music stereotypes play an important role in shaping an individual’s identity. Hateful music styles say as much about us as we like. These music favorites are social symbols: it’s time to hate the so-called “commercial” or “original” music, for example. As such, their public discipline allows you to express your own knowledge of music, and even its good taste.

The isereotypes associated with artists and social media also play an important role in how some people relate to music. Scientists note that the study participants who said they did not always like heavy metal had prejudices about the physical appearance of music lovers who were fans of groups such as Black Sabbath, Metallica and AC / DC. “Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.”

For decades, the scientific community has wondered why humans spend so much time and energy on music. Are you a native, as some music lovers like to think? It seems that this is not the case for everyone. For some, not liking music can even be written into the brain. Scientists talk about music anhedonia. This neurological phenomenon, observed in a 2013 study, explains why some people may not enjoy music. However, researchers still do not understand what exactly is happening in the brain of individuals who prevent them from responding to music in the same way as music lovers.

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