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Shiv Sena Worker Struggling to Wear Mask For 2 Minutes Straight is a Lesson in ‘Hard Work’

Two years and a half, the pandemic COVID-19 introduced the concept of masks as useful, and now masks have become part of our reality. The sheer number of times we have to wear and take off, then re-wear the screen from 2020, everyone will have won the screening competition, if one were, except this person. A video circulating on social media shows an employee Shiv Sena trying to wear a N95 mask for more than two minutes during a rally in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The video goes on to prove that some habits do not stop, regardless of how often you do, and that it is good. Having said that, let’s jump right to the video shared by a Twitter user. First, Shiv Sainik tried to go right and ended up wearing a mask on his face and forehead. When this thought wrong, he tried again to enter the screen. Her job was to pay off, and she had to leave the jewelry behind and place it on the platform. He also tried his hand at wearing the mask. This time he takes the world right, but, dream, the orientation is not perfect.

The struggle is real and worth the watch. And do not worry, it ends with a happy ending:

Since it was shared, Twitter has been laughing at the video together as users screamed in their reactions. Emoji laughs were scattered a lot.

A user sympathized with MP Dhairyasheel Mane, who was speaking on the stage, and despite this, lost his temper to the staff struggle with the COVID-19 screen.

“Dude takes two minutes to wear the mask,” another wrote.

A few minutes later, a spoof video appeared which was very interesting because of the elements that support the organic hilarity of the video. Look:

What do you think of Shiv Sena’s staff struggle with the mask?

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