“She’s Back”: Captain Pakistan Formerly Guilty Ravi Shastri For Virat Kohli’s Lean Patch -by Ecork

Photo courtesy of former Indian captain Virat Kohli and former Indian Team coach Ravi Shastri© AFP

It has been more than two years since Virat Kohli won a ton at the Cricket World Cup. As India begins the Journey of England, all eyes will be on the Indian captain already. During the 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL), former Indian national team coach Ravi Shastri has said that Kohli needs to take a break in order to repair his heart. “I think the holiday is ideal for him because he has played non-stop cricket and has been a team leader in all formats. It would be wise for him to take a break. You know, sometimes you have to pull balance, ”Shastri said.

To this, Kohli later said in an interview: “It is not that many people have mentioned it (take a break) there is a specific person who mentioned it, which is Ravi bhai… I do not think anything is wrong with that.O. is quite healthy with the amount of cricket offered, it is about finding the right balance and balance for you as an individual, of course I will discuss this with everyone involved – Rahul Bhai, Indian team manager, all person to design anything that is best for myself and the team. ”

Now, former Pakistani leader Rashid Latif has said Ravi Shastri is the reason Kohli is not good. Although he said without explaining how or why.

“It’s because of him, all this happened with him (Kohli). If he was not a coach, he (Kohli) would not have been sitting outside,” Rashid Latif said in a discussion on YouTube Caught Behind when asked about Shastri’s advice. to Kohli by taking a break from cricket.


“What happened in 2019 (2017) was that an actor like Anil Kumble was on the team. Ravi Shastri came in his place. Whether it has power or not, I do not know. He is a broadcaster. He had no business to become a coach, no business at all. There are others (besides Virat Kohli) who brought in Ravi Shastri. He is retired. In fact, he has quit. ”

Shastri was appointed India’s head coach in 2017 following the controversial exit of Anil Kumble from that position. Shastri became director general until 2021.

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